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Your First Denture - What are your options? - February 5th 2021

Your First Denture - What are your options?,

At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we understand that getting dentures for the first time is a difficult decision. Our staff is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. They will help you every step of the way. We have tailored treatment plans to meet everyone’s needs. We are kind and patient when answering the many questions people have when getting dentures for the first time. We work together with every dentist in the Peace Country and we will organize all your appointments, including follow-up appointments. Our denturists are skilled and experienced and will give you the smile you always dreamed of.

When it comes to your mouth, you want every assurance that your denturist has the experience, the skill, and the knowledge to give you that beautiful smile. Jodie has had over 20 years of experience in the denture business and sets high standards for the entire staff. We focus on caring for each patient to ensure they are not only happy with the dentures we fabricate for them but also comfortable every time they walk into or phone the office. Trust the Mile Zero Denture Clinic with your oral care and you’ll go home with a smile.  We take care of you.

Getting dentures for the first time you generally have two options.

Option 1. Immediate Dentures

This is where your denturist will take impressions of your mouth before your teeth being extracted. The denturist will fabricate the denture and as soon as your teeth are extracted the denture is inserted.


You do not have to go without teeth!

The main benefit of getting immediate dentures is you do not have to go without teeth. The downfall of immediate dentures is there is some guesswork as to the appearance of the denture and the fit. Also, while you are wearing an immediate denture your gums are healing. As the gums heal, they shrink in size, therefore, several adjustments will need to be needed during the 3–6-month healing stage.

But do not worry, we include all adjustments and 2 temporary liners, (which tighten your denture),at the cost of the immediate denture. We will be there to help you every step of the way while you are adjusting to your First denture.

Option 2. Post-immediate dentures

Post-immediate denture fabrication requires you to have your teeth pulled first, wait a period, (the amount of time you wait without teeth will be determined on an individual basis by you and your denturist). Once the gums have had some time to heal the denture is fabricated.

At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we fabricate a complete denture in Just 2 Days! Therefore, in some cases, we will fabricate a denture one week after extractions so you will only be without dentures for a week and 2 days.

The 2 main benefits of choosing a post-immediate denture, for your First Denture, is the initial fit is more accurate and you have control over the appearance of the denture.

The impression to fabricate the post-immediate denture is taken after the teeth are pulled and the gums have had some time to heal. Unlike with the immediate denture, post-immediate dentures do not require the denturist to “guess” what the shape of the gums will look like after the teeth are extracted. Because the denturist does not have to guess what the gums will look like the initial fit will be better.

You have control over the appearance of your denture with a post-immediate denture. When we fabricate a denture after the teeth are extracted, we incorporate a “Try-in” appointment into the procedure. This is where the denturist sets the teeth in wax, it looks just like the denture, puts the wax try-in in your mouth and you can see what the denture will look like. You can request changes to the appearance and the denturist can alter the wax try-in denture until you are happy with the way it looks. You have control over the way the denture looks and at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we will not finish the denture until you are satisfied with the way it looks. If you have more questions, you can see our FAQs page or contact us.


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