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Implant Dentures from the Mile Zero Denture Clinic

Dental implant dentures are the only real solution to common denture problems! Say goodbye to loose dentures!

Are you struggling with your conventional dentures? Do you get constant sore spots? Are you sick of loose dentures and spending money on dental adhesives? Dental implant dentures may be the solution you are looking for!

Patients who choose dental implant dentures report a greatly enhanced quality of life, with increased comfort, confidence, and eating ability. Lower dental implants have a 98% success rate. Our dental team will work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

Most patients who wear dentures and have implants have the implants placed in the lower jaw. The reason for this is lower dentures tend to “float”. Unlike the more successful upper denture, there is no “suction” keeping the lower denture in place. Also, the lower ridge tends to resorb faster than the upper ridge. The combination of these two factors results in a loose lower denture that creates sore spots as it moves and makes it very difficult to eat.

We also need to remember that our tongue has to fit in between the lower denture. Lower dentures can be very frustrating for people, as the strength of the tongue will cause the denture to move around when it is not supported by implants.

Full upper dentures are typically quite successful; however, there are several benefits to an upper denture supported by implants. One of the benefits to having implants on the upper jaw is that we can free up the palatal space that a normal full denture would cover. The design of the denture now becomes more like a horseshoe shape. Upper dental implants also reduce the gag sensation and allow your sense of taste to return! The minimum amount of upper implants needed is four. The bone quality and quantity is quite a bit different than that of the lower jaw and treatment planning performed by both your implant placing dentist and denturist will be necessary to ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Your denture specialist at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic can help you with any question you may have. A free consultation will give you the information you need when deciding if dentures over implants are the right solution for you.

Two Implants

This implant denture option is supported by two lower implants and you can remove from your mouth yourself. It “snaps” into place using your finger pressure. It is supported both by the dental implants and the tissues in your mouth. This is a great option to increase the stability of your conventional denture.

Four Implants

This implant option is very similar to the above two implant option. However, having four implants will increase the stability of the denture. It is mostly supported by the implants and has less support from the tissues in your mouth. It may be necessary to have four implants placed if you have minimal bone in your lower jaw. Four implants will distribute your bite force more evenly throughout the bone in your lower jaw.

Bar Implants

This option is necessary if you have minimal bone left for support in your lower jaw. The bar ties the implants together, creating more strength. You can remove the denture from your mouth yourself. It is fully supported by the implants and will therefore eliminate the possibility of denture sore spots.

Fixed Teeth

This is a non-removable denture option. It is supported by four or more dental implants, and only your dentist can remove it. It feels and looks like natural teeth. The denture is entirely supported by the dental implants and therefore will eliminate the possibility of denture sore spots.