Why Does My Denture Break? - August 25th 2020


Broken Denture

If a tooth “pops” out of your denture or it cracks/breaks, we can repair it for you in a day.

Do NOT Crazy Glue Your Broken Denture!

We have an in-house lab that will repair it for you quickly. Most repairs occur due to wear and tear of your denture and may be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. Our denturists are available for a free consultation to discuss your options so a repair won’t disrupt your life again.

Dentures break for several reasons, getting dropped on a hard surface is a common reason however, many breaks occur because the denture requires some sort of maintenance. We must fix the denture and then access what is the cause and solve the cause as well. If we just fix the break, we fix the symptom not the reason for the break. The following are 3 examples of a denture breaking that needs maintenance to ensure the break does not occur again.

1. Your denture cracks because you require a reline

As your gums shrink over time, space will occur between your gums and the denture. This space will create more leverage in the center area of the denture. The force of chewing will cause the denture to flex, which in turn will cause the denture to break. On average, a person should reline their dentures every 2-3 years to adjust the denture to their mouth as the gums change shape. At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic we can complete a denture reline in one day.

2. Your denture cracks because the teeth are worn out

When your denture teeth are worn down, it can isolate the force of your bite pressure into certain areas of the denture, causing it to break in those areas. This is demonstrated when your back teeth are worn flat and most of your chewing moves to the front teeth as a result. Because most of the pressure is on the front teeth now, the denture will tend to crack through the front. Dentures should be replaced every 5-7 years; at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic we can fabricate dentures in just 2 days.

3. A tooth pops out because the bite is off

When your back-denture teeth wear down, it can put uneven force on the front teeth causing them to pop out. A simple bite adjustment may be all that you need. However, if your denture is over 5 years old you may need a new set.

The above are just 3 common reasons for dentures to break which needs maintenance. Proper maintenance of the denture is essential to ensure the denture does not continue to break. Annual check-ups with your denturist at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic will help you create a maintenance schedule to ensure denture doesn’t break.

If your denture continues to break even with proper maintenance, try FIBER FORCE® - Denture Strengthener

Unlike traditional denture strengtheners made as cast (or metal) palates, FiBER FORCE® gives you all the advantages without being thick, heavy, and hard to adjust. Furthermore, FiBER FORCE® strengtheners cost less!

Fibre Force Denture

Thanks to their pre-impregnated fibres, FiBER FORCE® strengtheners boast an extremely high tensile strength which is almost 3 times stronger than the most common casting alloy, chrome-cobalt.

Advantages of FiBER FORCE®

Denture fracture resistance graph

  • 1. Reinforce without adding weight and bulk
    2. Reinforce without compromising aesthetics
    3. Save money on constant repairs
    4. Extend the life of your denture
    5. Lower cost than cast (metal) strengtheners

We at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic understand how big of an investment your dentures are. Ask us how FiBER FORCE® can help you protect your denture.