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Why Are My Dentures Becoming Loose? - May 16th 2024

If your dentures are over 2 years old, they may become loose in comparison to when you first received them. Did you know you should reline your dentures every 2 years and replace them with new ones every 5 years?


Once you have had all of your teeth removed, there is less blood supply to the bone to which the teeth were embedded. Therefore, the bone slowly shrinks away over time. The rate of how quickly the gum shrinks is different for everyone and can depend on your health, weight loss, or other factors. This is why your denture can feel tight when you first get them and then they “loosen” over time. Technically, the denture does not loosen; the denture stays the same size, and your gums shrink, causing the denture to become loose and unstable.

Annual check-ups with your denturist will help you find out if the fit of your dentures can be improved with a reline. The Mile Zero Denture Clinic recommends denture relines every 2 years and a new denture every 5 years. In most cases, after 5 years, a person’s denture teeth are starting to show some wear, and in that case, a new set is recommended over a denture reline.

Did you know most dental plans cover denture relines every 2 years and new dentures every 5 years? At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we direct bill and can find out if your dental plan will cover the cost of your denture reline or new set, with no obligation.

Call today for a Free Consultation, and one of our skilled denturists can help you improve the fit of your denture.

Relines can be completed in 1 day! New complete dentures can be completed in just 2 days!

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