We Make Sport Guards in One Day - March 26th 2020

We Make Sport Guards in One Day,

Protecting your teeth while playing sports is extremely important. Not only because many full denture wearers started their tooth loss journey as a result of a sporting accident, but also because sport guards are essential to help protect against concussions. It is vital that a sport guard fit properly; an ill-fitting sport guard will not protect the teeth or cushion the jaw properly and thus, it may prove useless when used in sports. At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic we custom fit the sport guards to your mouth and can adjust the guard to your comfort. We can complete a sport guard in just one day. Come in for impressions in the morning and it will be completed by the same afternoon.

Reasons to wear a mouth guard during sports

1. Protect your teeth – not only does instant tooth loss occur during sports, but trauma to the teeth incurred during sports can weaken the teeth and cause long term damage which will result in tooth loss months or years down the road.
2. Protect your mouth from cuts acquired from dental appliances – wearing braces or other dental appliances can cause damage to your cheeks and lips during sports. Wearing a sport guard will protect the rest of your mouth from your dental appliance.
3. Protect against concussions – Concussions are a huge issue in sports, wearing a custom fit sport guard can protect against concussions and other head and neck injuries.

A custom fit sport guard is essential. Store bought mouth guards are generic and do not offer the same level of protection as custom fit guards and may still allow a high level of trauma to be incurred during sports.

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