The Difference Between Standard and Precision Dentures - February 8th 2019

The Difference Between Standard and Precision Dentures,

Mile Zero Denture Clinic offers premium denture services in northern BC and Alberta from our clinics in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, British Columbia. Our team of trained and experienced technicians offer you the highest quality products and guaranteed workmanship in helping you to achieve your best possible mouth health and aesthetic qualities.

A question we at Mile Zero are frequently asked is, what is the difference between standard and precision dentures. We stand behind both products, and are committed to providing patients with the best possible fit, function, and appearance. The main difference between standard and precision dentures, besides the cost, is the quality of materials which we use to fabricate the dentures.

Precision dentures have the following advantages over standard dentures:

1. Higher Quality Teeth - Precision dentures have a higher quality tooth and additional techniques that are not used in fabricating standard dentures, which means the denture teeth are harder and stronger.

2. Last Longer - Standard dentures last approximately 5 years. Precision dentures last between 5 and 8 years. This is an average - the lifetime of a denture depends on whether a person clenches and grinds their teeth, and also depends on their habits; for example, eating hard substances such as scotch mints.

3. Look More Natural - The teeth on precision dentures look more natural than standard teeth, as they are designed to precisely replicate your mouth’s natural shape and smile. Standard dentures use basic shapes, shades, and materials.

4. Better Fit - The pink part of the precision dentures (the base) is fabricated using a different process than standard dentures. This process creates a better and more accurate initial denture fit, therefore, will require fewer adjustments.

5. Less Staining – Precision dentures do not stain as easily as standard dentures due to the way they are processed and the materials used.

At Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we can still fabricate a great functioning standard denture; however, the warranty on precision dentures is longer because the materials used in their fabrication are of a higher quality. We fabricate all dentures in our in-house laboratory, which allows us to offer quality control and quick service.

If you believe dentures are a viable option for you or a family member, please contact Mile Zero for a free consultation with our denturist. Our denturist will do an initial examination and begin to create a treatment plan. We will be happy to explain the process to you and answer any questions or concerns you have, including providing more details about the difference between standard and precision dentures.