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Suggested Product List for Denture Care - June 8th 2018

Suggested Product List for Denture Care,

Suggested Product List for Denture Care


Denture brush, soft-bristle toothbrush (for brushing your gums and tongue),soft-bristle toothbrush (if you have a soft liner)

Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

Professional denture cleaning in your own home! Use with Renew® Denture Cleaner for best results. Available for purchase at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic—free Renew® samples!

Daily Denture Cleaners

It does not matter what you use as long as it is made for dentures and you are brushing with it twice a day. There are cleaning pastes, foams and tablets.

Polident® foaming denture cleanser

Polident® paste

Polident® tablets

There are other brands, such as Fixodent® or store brands that will work just as well as Polident®

Healing Your Gums

Oxyfresh Dental Gel—available for purchase at Mile Zero Denture Clinic.

Dry Mouth

Biotène® dry mouth gel or spray—dry mouth will increase the frequency and severity of sore spots. Many prescription drugs and radiation therapy cause dry mouth. Biotène® is available at most drug stores.

Adhesive – Powders, Pastes, Wafers

1.Poligrip® - Powders, wafer strips and pastes: easy to apply, not easy to clean

2.Fixodent® – Powders and pastes: easy to apply, not easy to clean

3.Sea-Bond® – Wafer: good product for very shrunken and sensitive gums because it provides a layer between the denture and your gums. Needs to be replaced every day and is easy to clean as it just peels out. Not for people with poor dexterity because you need to cut the wafer to the shape of your denture.

***Note: If you need to use an adhesive, talk to your denturist.***

In many cases, the use of adhesives is not necessary with proper denture maintenance, which includes routine denture relines. Also, the placement of dental implants will completely alleviate the need for adhesives. Give us a call today for more information.