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Improve your Quality of Life with a Dental Implant Supported Denture - March 10th 2021

Are you tired of using denture adhesives? Are you fed up with your dentures being loose all the time? Do you want to smile and eat with confidence? At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we truly believe that implants are the best thing to happen in dentistry; and thanks to many advances in dental implant technology over the last 40 years; dental implants have now become the preferred alternative to conventional dentures. Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth and can be used to retain your dentures. The best part, dental implants feel like natural teeth, keep the natural look of your face and lips and provide the greatest stability while preserving that precious bone under the gums.

Dental implants can change your life for the better; imagine – no more loose, floating dentures. Implant-supported dentures eliminate the need for adhesives and can improve your appearance allowing you to eat, laugh, smile, and speak with confidence once again. Enjoy newfound freedom afforded by a secure and firm, perfectly fitted smile. You can trust our dedication to excellence and our experience to ensure amazing results. Let us improve the quality of your life, starting with your smile!

There are several different options available when it comes to a dental implant-supported denture. Come visit us at the Mile Zero Denture Clinic for a Free Consultation and we can discuss what options are available and refer you to a local implant placing dentist. We can start you on the path to a better quality of life by improving your ability to function with complete dentures.

Continue reading below to learn more about implant-supported denture options.

Two Implants

Two implants

This implant denture option is supported by two lower implants and you can remove them from your mouth yourself. It “snaps” into place using your finger pressure. It is supported both by dental implants and the tissues in your mouth. This is a great option to increase the stability of your conventional denture.

Four Implants

Four Implants

This implant option is very similar to the above two-implant option. However, having four implants will increase the stability of the denture. It is mostly supported by implants and has less support from the tissues in your mouth. It may be necessary to have four implants placed if you have minimal bone in your lower jaw. Four implants will distribute your bite force more evenly throughout the bone in your lower jaw.

Bar Implants

Bar implants

This option is necessary if you have minimal bone left for support in your lower jaw. The bar ties the implants together, creating more strength. You can remove the denture from your mouth yourself. It is fully supported by the implants and will therefore eliminate the possibility of denture sore spots.

Fixed Teeth

Fixed Teeth

This is a non-removable denture option. It is supported by four or more dental implants, and only your dentist can remove them. It feels and looks like natural teeth. The denture is entirely supported by dental implants and therefore will eliminate the possibility of denture sore spots.