Implant Maintenance, Care and Expectations - June 8th 2018

Implant Maintenance, Care and Expectations,

Implant Maintenance, Care and Expectations

Implants over dentures are a great solution to the many problems denture wearers face, especially solving loose lower denture problems. Implants allow you to chew more of the foods you love with comfort and confidence. However, there are some things you should know about caring for your implants that will increase your long term success.

1.Implants need to be cleaned by a hygienist annually at the very least. Many patients may need their implants cleaned every 3-6 months.

2.Implants should be checked and x-rayed by a dentist annually.

3.Your implant over denture should be checked by your denturist annually.

4.An implant over denture should be relined every 1-3 years. If they are not, it will affect the fit, ability to chew and could cause stress on the implant, thus leading to possible failure.

5.Inserts and/or o-rings need to be replaced every 3-6 months.

6.Do not “bite” your implant over denture into place.

7.Due to the increased bite pressure, tooth breakage can be more prevalent with implant over dentures.

8.Due to the increased bite pressure and better function, implant over dentures may wear faster than a traditional denture without implants and should be replaced every 3-5 years. This varies from patient to patient—annual check-ups with your denturist will allow her to inspect the condition the denture teeth are in and if you are able to get more longevity out of your denture.

9.You need to inform your denturist or dentist if you clench or grind (bruxism) your teeth. You will need a night guard or a splint to protect the teeth and implants.

10.Do not eat Scotch mints or other hard candies. They will wear your teeth very quickly and will torque your implants if you chew them. Do not use any metal instruments to clean your implants yourself.

11.Do not use any metal instruments to clean your implants yourself.

12.Brush your implants gently with an electric tooth brush daily and rub them with gauze to remove any plaque or calcium deposits.

13.Do not bite hard substances with your implants as it may damage them.