How To Properly Clean And Care For Your Dentures - January 11th 2019

How To Properly Clean And Care For Your Dentures,

At the Mile Zero Denture Clinic in Dawson Creek we have Denture Cleaning Kits available for purchase! Your One-Stop-Shop for all your denture cleaning needs. Travel accessories are also available. Stop by at all locations to purchase your denture cleaning kit.

Dentures are fabricated out of acrylic which is porous. This means the denture base is slightly absorbent and will absorb bacteria. Ensuring your dentures are clean and free of bacteria is not only necessary to ensure a bright smile but also important for your health. Bacteria can trigger your immune system unnecessarily. Bad breath is another result of bacteria contact with dentures. White calculus will build up on dentures too, usually in the areas near your salivary glands; and, of course, stains can occur due to coffee, tea smoking and foods like blue berries. Having a good denture cleaning regime will ensure you can deter stains, bad breath and calculus build up around the teeth. Purchasing a Denture Cleaning Kit from the Mile Zero denture clinic will get you started.

Follow the steps below to maintain a healthy smile:

Rinsing after Eating - Rinse your dentures after eating. This is especially necessary for partial denture wearers as there are more places for food to stick on a partial.
Brushing your Dentures - Brush and clean your dentures with a product made for dentures every day, (do not use household products such as bleach). The Mile zero denture clinic has a foam denture cleaner in the cleaning kits, it kills 99.99% of bacteria. There are also several options in the denture isle of your local drug store. Just use any product made for dentures that kill bacteria and use it daily.
Soaking your Dentures - Soak your denture in a bacterial killing cleaning solution. The product for this is usually in a tablet form that is put into water. Most brands have a variety of different soaking times, for example, 3 min, 10min 20min or overnight options. Note** if you have a soft liner you should soak for no longer than 10 minutes and leave them dry overnight. **
Keep your Gums Clean - While your denture is soaking is a good time to clean your gums. To do this you can use a soft bristle brush or a warm wash cloth.
Stains - For stains, using a sonic cleaner, (included in the cleaning kits),combined with a product like Renew (also included in the kits),will help keep your dentures looking like new again. Renew is not an everyday cleaner but can be used once a week or once a month.
Professional Denture Cleaning - Annual professional clean and polish is recommended to help keep your denture looking like new again. At the Mile Zero denture Clinic we provide this service using the Sympro Professional Denture Cleaning System. We also re-polish the denture which helps keep food from sticking to your denture. It only takes about 30min.
Storage - Keep your dentures in a closed denture container when not in use. This is especially important if you have any children or dogs in your home. Dogs will find the denture and chew them and children like to play with them.
Careful while Cleaning – Place a towel around the sink or fill the sink up with water so the denture will not break if they are dropped while cleaning.
Repairs –We can repair the denture in 1-2 hours and you do not need to make an appointment. Just ensure the denture can be dropped off before 2:00pm and we can repair it by the end of the day. Try not to glue your denture if it needs to be repaired. Gluing the denture may inhibit our ability to repair the denture properly or result in a more expensive repair.

For any questions about the care, cleaning and maintenance of your denture or to purchase a cleaning kit, give us a call. Our friendly staff can answer any question or concerns you may have. 250-782-6004