How Often Should Dentures Be Replaced? - March 26th 2020

How Often Should Dentures Be Replaced?,

Dentures have the best fit, function and appearance during the first 2-3 years. After this period of time, dentures can begin to feel loose. This is due to normal shrinkage of bone and gums over time that is associated with tooth loss. The other factor affecting the “life” of your dentures is your bite. Worn down dentures can cause sore jaw muscles and headaches. Worn teeth can also place uneven stress on your denture, increasing the potential for your denture to break. Denture relines every 2-3 years can help restore the fit of our denture. However, it is recommended that dentures be replaced every 5-8 years. Ensure that you are aware of the condition of your dentures with annual check-up appointments from your denturist at Mile Zero Denture Clinic.

Signs your denture needs to be replaced

• Chin appears closer to your nose
• Collapsed facial appearance
• Sores in the corners of your mouth
• Inability to chew through your food
• Can’t eat lettuce Can’t eat meat
• Teeth are flat or smooth
• You now have an underbite
• Cant bite anything off that you used to be able to
• Your denture is over 5 years old
• Your denture is in your pocket
• You use a lot of adhesive
• You don’t show teeth when your smile

If you think your denture needs to be checked or replaced, set up an appointment with Mile Zero Denture Clinic today!